Day in the life Wedding Photography.

It's less about the pretty shoes and more about all the places and people they took you to that day. It's less about the dress and more about the hands that helped you into it. It's not the jewelry itself but the legacy, stories and traditions passed down through them. No pre-planned shot list in the world could match the beautiful, dizzying, unpredictable story that only belongs to you. 

I have a photojournalistic approach to weddings, with a street photography influence. I love to get to know my clients and learn their story so I can capture their wedding day in a way that is most meaningful to them, no matter where the setting. Though there are times when I do direct, guide and place my clients and their loved ones in certain specific ways and places, my priority is observing, anticipating and reacting to the moments that surround me. I love candid interactions and incorporating a sense of place. A wedding day is such a beautiful, emotional experience, and I want each couple to be able to live in and feel those moments as much as possible. Interested in having me capture your day? Contact me here! 

"As soon as we started planning our wedding, we knew that we wanted to hire a photographer that would document our special day in the most sincere and pure way, and not manufacture moments and poses that no one does in real life. Lauren not only captured the essence of the night, she took photos that reflect who we are as people, and as a couple. Lauren's calm and sweet demeanor really allowed her to be the proverbial "fly on the wall" and made us forget that she was right next to us documenting some of the most magical moments of our lives so far. She is an artist in the truest form and we will cherish her photos for the rest of our lives." -Yamit