The S Family | Dallas Documentary Family Session

If I solely based communities off of my own on the Space Coast of Florida, I'd assume 80 year old retirees were the only neighbors anyone had. Which isn't at all a bad thing, although maybe a little boring for my daughter. It's quiet, except when your next-door neighbor gets taken out on a stretcher with a heart attack for overdoing the Christmas decorations (true story). 

I first met Mary's family through her photos while I was TA'ing for The Documentary Approach. It was total luck that the relatives I was visiting in Dallas lived only 15 minutes away from her home. By the end of the session, the house was filled with family and neighborhood friends for her son's birthday. This would have been my dream as a kid -- to swing by my friend's house down the street, jump on the trampoline, swim in the pool, eat endless birthday cake. 

Lauren Mitchell is a documentary family photographer located in Central Florida. She is available for travel which is made most apparent by the fact that this session took place in Texas. For more information, go here.