The W Family in Tampa | Orlando Documentary Family Photographer

My friend Heather is a strong ass woman. She may or may not disagree with this, but I hope she agrees. She better. Heather fixes tangles, de-escalates toddler battles and takes care of four kids on her own in an entirely new state while her husband is sometimes sent out of town for work. Also, as a fellow artist, she shares amazing photos of her life just as it is. This is why so many people are immediately drawn to her work. Constantly in awe of viewing a world outside the contained space of our fears of rejection and perception, like a deep exhale after a life of suspended breath. A view which seems daring in its honesty and transparency, yet what foolishness on our part to ever assumed there was a box we needed to stay in. 

Because there is everything beautiful and ordinary about this family, like donuts and plastic cats and robotic vacuums and laundry. And there is so much in common, like five year olds who love video games and how mesh screens are so damn impossible with kids around. The latter being the universal truth of all Florida rooms. 

I know she might not feel completely settled here, but I am so grateful that she and her family are so close by now. 

Lauren Mitchell is a Documentary Family and Wedding photographer in the Central Florida area. She tells the stories of all kinds of families with half and full day in the life sessions, as well as Disney World/Vacation day in the life sessions. For more information, go here!