Yamit + Steven | Miami Beach Wedding Preview

I first got to know Yamit and Steven back in April, when I responded to a wedding notification via Fearless Photographers (future brides and grooms to be -- look no further than here). Looking back on her original correspondence, I see quite clearly that she described the two of them to a T: lefties, french-fry obsessed international travelers. Two crazy old souls who wanted to celebrate not only their love for one another, but their love for their family and friends who lived all over the world. They had planned to hold the ceremony at a beautiful little urban farm in the middle of the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, with a cake made by Yamit's grandmother, packed tightly in a suitcase on an airplane all the way from Brazil. Time and circumstance, however, had their own ideas, proving that even the best laid plans are just that. The farm was no more, but the cake made it through 3500 miles and even harder still, Customs. It was hands down worth the trip: guava filling between painstakingly thin layers of cake.

It was a site to see the energy in the room as the Hora began and Yamit was hoisted in the air and everyone circled around them, dancing, laughing and celebrating. Or witnessing the look on her face when Steven surprised her with a New Orleans brass band as the night progressed. A celebration of religions, cultures, nationalities, friends, family and memories all wrapped into one single day. 

A special thanks goes out to Yamit and Steven of course for allowing me to be a part of this day, and inviting me into your world. Also, a huge thanks to my amazing second shooter Heather of Heather Whitten Photography, who filled in all the beautiful nuances of emotion, life and moment while I was off chasing something else.