I'm Lauren, and I'm a photographer in the Central Florida area specializing in documentary family sessions and weddings.

I believe in the power of boring things and the weirdness of children that comes from a beautiful lack of self-awareness. I also believe a majestic mountain landscape and a lost sock on the side of the road have equal photographic weight because it's not what you see but how you see it. And it's why I'm constantly inspired by living in my crappy, old suburbia. 

Normal is not a curse, but it also doesn’t mean that you have to fit into a box. To be normal is to honor and respect what makes us different, and to come together on the things we collectively share despite these differences. It is not a mandate, but a common place to feel less alone. 

If you're willing to celebrate nothing special because you believe that it all matters -- including the stuff that sometimes sucks -- I'd love to hear from you

Personal Stuff

I was born to a woman who worked in a cubicle and commuted 2 hours each way and took her daughter to McDonalds so much that I got Happy Meal toys for free. 

These days I love documenting the world around me, especially the neighborhoods closest to home. My daughter is my travel companion and I'm pretty sure she will look back on her life as a series of gas station bathroom breaks and drive-thru windows.  

I live on the weird and wonderful Space Coast of Florida with my 5 year old daughter, my husband, our two shibas and cat. My hobbies include wandering the local scrublands, not finishing books while starting up five more, maxing out my phone storage with podcasts and photos, and feeling guilty about what I just ate. 

Features & More Info

Fearless Photographer
Click Pro Member
Click Photo School Instructor

Morean Arts Center, "The Journey" Exhibit, St. Petersburg Florida, 2017
Scholarship Recipient, MSFP Street Photography Workshop with Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb
PDN Exposure Awards 2016
Click Magazine, July/August 2016, Cover
Santa Fe Workshops, "Home", 2016
Texas Photographic Society Cell Phone Photography IV: Moving Past the Camera